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About Us

Growing up, Greg Arvin first learned about the art of construction and professionalism from his grandfather. These important lessons were later passed down through the family-owned business, Arvin Home Inspections, where they would come to define the company’s valued principles.

Since 1929, Arvin Home Inspections has served customers all along the Gulf Coast of Florida, providing comprehensive assessment and review services for home buyers and sellers. Arvin Home Inspections continues to live up to the dreams of Arvin’s grandfather today, now a leader in home inspection services throughout Central Florida. Although primarily operating out of Sarasota, Arvin Home Inspections also makes visits to the Bradenton, Venice and Englewood areas, with highly detailed inspections available for homes large and small alike.

Whether you’re looking for answers about the integrity of your roof, the stability of your yard or the wiring condition of your home office, the professional and highly trained team of inspectors at Arvin Home Inspections promises to review all areas of your home with the same high level of scrutiny and attention to detail. At Arvin Home Inspections, they understand the importance of pre-determining risks, which is why they devote so much time to assessing not only a household’s strengths, but also identifying any potential weaknesses.

For more information regarding Arvin Home Inspections or to schedule an inspection appointment, call them today at 941-586 – 4856.